Meet the world's simplest digital music player.


• Easy to use—just lift to play music!

4GB memory holds 2000 songs, including 40 FREE big band classics to get you started!

Built-in speaker lets everyone in the room share the joy of music. It works with headphones too!

Comes in red and green, colors proven to stand out for older eyes

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you don't have to have alzheimer's to love the simplicity of lift.



If you're one of the 77% of Americans over 65 who want simpler technology, there's never been an easier way to enjoy the music you love!



the reviews are in: lift! is a hit!


“All the residents in my Grandmother’s assisted living community are obsessed with this music player. DO NOT HESITATE! This is fool-proof, and a blessing to say the least.”  -MB, Arizona


“My mom is so happy with this music player. She loves that she can play it by herself. I loaded it with songs I know she loves to sing... and she remembers all the words! We sometimes even sing the songs together over the phone. I hesitated but am so glad I bought it!”   -Deb, Canada


“My mother loves music as she is now struggling to read or do other things alone. She has quickly learned to turn it on and off.”  -Janet, New Mexico


“This is just what I was looking for. It is easy to use and brought back a smile to my loved one as he could operate and listen to his music independently.”  -Christine, New York


“I just received the music player. Wow, it is a great product! I've put a ton of mp3s on it and the smile on mom's face is priceless! Thank you for providing products that will help to make my mother's life so much better.”      -Donna, New York


alzinnovate is passionate about helping aging people and their families live brighter.


especially if they've been touched by alzheimer's.